For the “Criança e Familia” Association, it all began in 1980, with the opening of a little school. Many other projects were set up later on, as needs were observed and means became available, always caring for the poorest and most isolated.

l'equipe dirigeante

Projets for various beneficiaries : children, youngsterswomen or families are complementary. All aim to educate, develop everyone’s potentialities, always avoiding to be over-assisting. Convinced that things must be done « with them and for them », the Association wants to creat a process of community life where everyone shows interest and solidarity.

The Association is a place where people meet and think together, help one another and support the poorest.

It has government recognition.

« Criança e Familia » deals with a certain number of needs, but has no answer to the lack of work or money. However, it wishes to develop a feeling of belonging to the community and the belief of beeing able to change the course of one’s own story. In Brazil, although one of the most powerfull countries economically speaking, many social injustices continue to exist.